Cayan Holdings | Dynamic Energy Services
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Dynamic Energy Services


Dynamic Energy Services is an Energy Services Company (ESCo) focused on regional energy efficiency trends with a model developed to deliver energy savings through the application of renewables, energy efficient appliances and energy management.

Dynamic Energy offers the following Services:

  • Perform energy audits and feasibility studies to measure and assess the feasibility of various technologies and programs on energy efficiency.
  • Take on the role of an EPC to design, procure and implement the necessary technologies to achieve energy savings and take on an ongoing energy management
  • Finance the EPC through an Energy Savings guarantee to the customer.


  • Cayan led the origination, development and structuring of the business
  • Cayan hired the management team and maintains an active role in guiding the business on “Go-to market” strategy


  • Nesco in KSA is set to tender ESCo contracts for all government buildings and facilities in the Kingdom
  • Removal of energy subsidies to drive the demand for energy efficiency services for both commercial and residential consumers; Dynamic is set to capitalize on the increased demand.
  • Market sizing estimates indicate a 12.5 billion riyal market with little to no competition. Only two other ESCo’s have been registered with NESCO

Business Units

Key technology partnerships