Cayan Holdings | Investment Portfolio
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Investment Portfolio

Waste management is a growing regional imperative. All GCC countries are wrestling with antiquated waste management infrastructure, limited land for land-fills and looking to deploy solutions and technology with efforts being led by private sector participants. Our investment in Beatona intends to capitalize on these trends. Beatona owns the largest material recovery facility in the world in the Riyadh region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Beatona is also a developer of waste-to-energy solutions with successful operations in both Europe and the GCC.

Dynamic Energy was developed to capitalize on key energy efficiency trends and the development of an energy efficiency services market in Saudi Arabia. Dynamic Energy offers energy saving services against either guarantees of energy savings to be achieved or against sharing in the realized savings of energy. Company serves both the industrial and government segments with focus on design and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofitting, energy conservation, energy infrastructure, power generation and energy supply and risk management. Sample solutions include building automation systems, HVAC system replacement, building envelope improvements, advanced energy efficiency technologies, cogeneration and demand response and electricity peak load management.

Technology investment focused on a renewables play and ultimately to capitalize on a value chain play in the regional renewables space. Flabeg is a glass mirror manufacturer based in Germany serving the Solar energy markets globally. Flabeg manufactures precisely bent concave mirrors used in utility scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects.

Growing emphasis on international standards in industrial safety and fire safety and security systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aujan Industrial Supplies is a value safety solutions provider and supplier of personal protective equipment and fire & gas detection and protection equipment. AIS was established in 1977, by the Aujan family group, and has long standing relationships with the main international manufacturers of safety equipment including MSA, Honeywell, Brady and 3M.

Cayan lead the origination and development of the region’s first copper tube manufacturing facility to serve the growing regional air-conditioning and refrigeration market. Project is a classic import substitution play driven by strong market demand and compelling project economics. Mueller Middle East, is a structured as a joint venture between Cayan, Mueller Industries as the technology partner and Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company as a local strategic investor. Mueller Industries is listed on NYSE and is a world leader in the copper tubing industry with a track record of over 100 years in the industry.

MENAISCO was developed to provide technical and engineering support services to large projects in the region. Regional shortage of skilled manpower along with project cycle favors a temporary but quality solution for customers. MENAISCO employs over 200 engineers deployed against various projects in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq and Libya with customers that include GE Oil & Gas and Schlumberger.

Pawame brings together solar and mobile technology to provide affordable, clean and bright energy to off-grid population in Kenya. Pawame’s solution and mission is a pay-as- you-go Solar Home System that enables customers to (a) immediately benefit from clean and affordable electricity, while (b) building a credit history that can unlock access to other life-changing products and services, like scholarship loans and micro-insurance. Thus, Pawame delivers more than just energy.